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Mister & That Dang Woman share a love for great food, family and the Lord. They also share a passion for providing everyone – regardless of budget – with a beautiful experience. 

Their adventure in catering began in 2015 but is rooted in a longstanding history of culinary expertise.   

Mondrick, or The Mister, was blessed with the gift of cooking from his father – a gift he still shares with his father today. The Mister’s family farm is proud to provide hand-raised hogs and chickens to ensure only the most natural, healthy and hormone-free meats are used in their dishes. After learning the art of processing and grilling the meats to their utter perfection, the Mister began catering small local church events, birthday parties, and family functions. 

Jennifer, or That Dang Woman, was handed down culinary skills from generations of French chefs. That Dang Woman’s grandfather, Maximus Abenmoha, was head chef of the famous Waldorf Astoria and Maxwell’s Plum in New York City. Her father, David, trained under him and That Dang Woman followed in their footsteps – learning the art of French cuisine and developing an eye for detail and presentation. As she matured as a chef, she developed a love of Southern foods while mastering a way to incorporate the richness of French ingredients into traditional Southern cuisine. 

The creation of The Mister & That Dang Woman was born from a need – a need for a high quality, budget-conscious catering service for their wedding. The search for that service came up short, so The Mister & That Dang Woman found the best possible solution – catering it themselves. With dedication from the The Mister and the family, who cooked food for the entire reception, and blessings from the Lord, their perfect wedding day became the impetus to go out on their own and establish The Mister & That Dang Woman Catering!

We pray you enjoy getting to know us as we plan your event or special day as much as we enjoy getting to know you! Whether big, small, near, or far - we guarantee that The Mister & That Dang Woman Catering will make your big day, special event, office lunch, or party a success with our delicious food and great service! 

With love,
Mondrick & Jennifer

Mister & That Dang Woman

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